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Helen Levinson

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Mother of 2

Vice President Awake IL

Chair, Moms for Liberty Cook County

Sales Executive



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Helen is a passionate Skokie resident who has been married for 20 years and is a proud mom to two amazing children.

Born to a family of Christian Arab immigrants from Jordan, and raised in Chicago, Helen has always embraced her rich heritage, with Arabic preceding English as her first language. An accomplished individual, she holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and works as an enterprise sales executive within the tech industry. 

A true community leader, Helen never hesitates to lend a hand. From her time as a dedicated Girl Scouts Troop Leader and involvement in fundraisers to assisting law enforcement with gratitude events, she's an enthusiastic advocate for parental rights and civic and economic development initiatives.

Motivated by challenges in 2020, Helen co-founded a Niles Township coalition to empower parents, giving them a voice in their school board decisions. As Chapter Chair of Awake IL Niles Township and founder of Moms For Liberty's Cook County chapter, Helen tirelessly fights against harmful political ideologies and is committed to preserving childhood innocence.

As determined as she is resilient, Helen finds joy in reading, problem-solving through technology, and advocating for parental rights. Cherishing time with family, she's also an avid cook, biker, and geocacher, always eager to explore the world around her.

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