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Lake Park School District 108
Election Integrity Donations

During the 2023 municipal elections, Awake Illinois worked with partners across the state to ensure election integrity. We were pleased to work with private attorneys to ensure that nominating petitions for Lake Park D108 School Board were properly vetted by DuPage County. The result was a ballot of candidates who submitted their petitions with integrity, and three incoming school board members who are pro-student, pro-parent, and pro-academics. 


At only $3,000 in attorney fees, this was a very economical way to help the local community. That's less than the cost of one distributed election mailer. These attorneys stepped up to protect our elections and our children’s future. Please chip in to help us cover the cost and ensure that they can continue to help us. Thank you for contributing to our free and fair election process!


Donate below, via this Donorbox page, or send check to "Awake Illinois" with "Lake Park" in the memo and mail to: 

Awake Illinois 

2020 Calamos Court, Suite 200

Naperville, Illinois 60563

Send a Letter to Lake Park Community Members

This PDF may be sent via email or US mail to any Lake Park District 108 taxpayer who may be interested in supporting this fundraiser. Save to your computer for printing or emailing.

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