Conversations with Candidates

To empower voters, we are hosting conversations with various candidates throughout IL. Endorsements have not yet been announced by Awake Illinois. 

If you are a candidate running for office and would like to be considered for a conversation, please email

Scroll down to see listings of scheduled conversations. 

Sen. Darren Bailey (R-Xenia) and wife Cindy joined Awake IL to announces his pledge to the Parents Bill of Rights. Sen. Bailey discusses his views on education, pro-life, and IL government.

Presiding Judge John Noverini discusses his background, views on justice, his faith, and why the IL Supreme Court is so important. He is #2 on the ballot for IL Supreme Court, 2nd District. 

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Convo with Susan Hathaway-Altman, candidate for U.S. Rep. District 11

How a supply chain Mom is helping with the baby formula shortage in not her district, but beyond! She announces her launch of "Feed Our Babies", a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting families during the baby formula crisis.

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Convo with Jed Davis, a conservative leader in his community, who is running for IL Rep. District 75. He stood up for Parkview Christian Academy in Yorkville as board President to ensure students weren't harmed by government overreach. Hear him discuss the top issues and why he is running for office. 

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Convo with candidate Jennifer Korte, a Mama Bear on the  ballot for IL Rep D 112. Her platform aims to respond to community concerns such as mandates, mental health, taxes, parental rights, and secure schools. 

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A Mama Bear on the ballot, mother of 3 Regan Deering discusses her background, call to run for office, and the top issues affecting the District 13 constituency such as inflation, mandates, crime, open border, drug crisis, and election integrity.

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Father of 4 Matt Dubiel quit his full time job to run for U.S. Senator of IL in the Republican primary. He discusses his background, focus on smaller government and education, why he'd vote "No" to the WHO treaty, and how veterans supported his run. 

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Keith Pekau, Orland Park mayor shares why he is running for U.S. Congress, District 6. Keith was awarded the Awake IL Warrior award in March. He discusses the constituent concerns over inflation, energy, and crime and why he's the top pro-liberty candidate on the ballot.

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Convo with Joshua Alvarado, candidate for IL Senate District 27. Why is a U.S. Army and Iraq War Veteran running for office? Joshua discusses the top issues in D27 such as education, mandates, voiding the FOIA, secure schools, and more! Listen to how this father of 4 is standing against tyranny to preserve liberty in Illinois!

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